About the Role

With the company growing 10x year after year, we’re creating sales pods of 3 SDRs for every AE in 4 major regions around the globe. This team will be responsible for creating and closing the deals that they generate within their region and will be supported by a management team that puts people first. What this means is a great amount of focus on understanding each individual, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals through training and coaching, and removing obstacles.

The sales team’s values are self defined as enabling each other, trusting and respecting each other, being solution focused, always persevering, having faith in the law of averages, celebrating wins and moving on, and speaking with clarity and compassion.

This is an opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives and the environment as well as to give companies the tools they need to build a more diverse workforce. Every time a company can hire someone to work remotely means they can pull from more diverse cultural backgrounds, remove that person’s car from the road, and give them more time to spend with their family.


  • Outbound Cold Calls or Outsides Sales experience: Reach out to potential customers who have never engaged with Time Doctor Software solution
  • Cold Prospecting: Creating a professional book of business from scratch
  • Research: Find the companies, the people within companies, and the positioning you’ll need to get those people and companies to want to talk with Time Doctor.
  • Outreach: Use tools like HubSpot to get in touch with potential customers through email, by telephone, or by connecting via LinkedIn and other types of social media.
  • Follow Up: Handle hundreds of people who need follow-ups – some through automated communication and many through personalized communication.
  • Maintain Pipeline Organization: Use the CRM to always know what the next steps with deals will be and never let anything slip.
  • Overachieve Activity Metrics: Understand how numbers impact your revenue targets and ensure you’re being proactive about outreach, meetings, and the quality of your meetings.
  • Engage in Personal Development: Take control of your personal development by engaging in training and custom coaching sessions each week.

Job Qualifications

  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Language: Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: 1-3 years of customer-facing experience
  • Industry Experience: SaaS & Tech are highly desired
  • CRM Experience: HubSpot, Salesforce, G Suite, SalesLoft, etc.…
  • Coachable: We have a strong culture of giving positive and constructive feedback. It’s critical for you to be comfortable with receiving and implementing feedback.
  • Goal Oriented: You must have specific goals you’re striving toward or specific expectations of who you’re working on becoming.
  • Sales Skills: You’ve had a lot of experience, training, and coaching sessions that have given you the ability to handle objections and convince people to meet with you.
  • Emotional Intelligence: You’re able to mirror people, adjust your tone to get the reply you want, and work through conflicts with peers or prospects.
  • Perseverance: You’re able to track down busy people and get them to take action by being creative in terms of your communication, research, and general hustle.
  • Quick Task Switching: The team is in growth mode, which means you may need to switch between research, follow-ups, internal communication, chat, and email.
  • The Ability to Handle Ambiguity: You thrive in an environment where something may not be easy to find and directions are given at a high level.
  • Work from Home: You have a fast internet connection, a place to work without distractions, and are comfortable working from home.
  • Persistence: This was mentioned above, but it bears reiteration. You might need to connect with multiple stakeholders after a deal has gone dark – and to ensure it doesn’t go dark in the first place. Making sure that you’ve considered every opportunity to close a deal will be critical to your success.
  • Communication: We’re a 100%-remote team, so being able to communicate clearly, proactively, and in multiple ways (video, text, Zoom, etc.) is key.
  • Curiosity: You’re the kind of person who always asks “Why?” You’re a delight to talk to at parties because you engage people with questions and want to learn more. This is important so that you come into this role with a deep curiosity about verticals, events, products, and competitors while keeping a finger on the pulse of changes.

How to Apply

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About Us

Our vision is to be the most trusted time-tracking and productivity application for remote teams. We help companies and employees do their best work. We’re looking for people passionate about spreading the practice of remote work with all of the benefits that come with it. We believe that office life is antiquated, that geography should not limit your career prospects, and that people should be able to work from wherever they want.

We’re a diverse global team of over 100 people working 100% remotely in over 30 different countries. We’re looking for an innovative outbound sales development representative, ready to help us modernize remote work. Learn more about us here: https://www.timedoctor.com/about-us.html