This is a full time remote marketing generalist position. As a test, we want to ask you : What marketing results can you achieve for $200?

This is not a theoretical exercise. We will actually give you $200 if we like your idea (s) on what you can achieve with just this marketing spend. You may actually spend the $200 on something or use it for your services.

Then if you can achieve some results, we will hire you full time. We don’t expect amazing results for $200, but we expect you can accomplish something of value.

The position is a marketing generalist position which means that basically you do whatever you think can achieve results. When you’re hired full time you will also have additional resources and regular meetings with your team and time to get more deeply integrated with what we are doing. That’s about it!

This is a full time completely remote marketing position for our time tracking and productivity software . We also have a conference: and if you wanted to promote this, it’s another possibility as well. (this paragraph will be removed in Upwork and onlinejobs)

We have over 80 people in our company working remotely from 31 different countries. Pretty cool hey! If you want to join us, have a go and try to achieve some results with $200.

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